Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not just a walk along the beach

If you’re not eating, browsing the markets or taking a yoga or other alternative therapy class then the best option is simply ‘being’ on the beach. A smaller beach 5 minutes walk from our room is decidedly the place to be. I almost feel I should be paying a fee to sit on this beach just to watch the amazing, disturbing, uncanny and fascinating events that seemingly unfold every day.
 Initially it didn’t take long to realize that part of this beach is reserved for nudists. Brent didn’t seem to mind this as it seems to attract beautiful young Russians who flaunt and touch themselves provocatively whilst trying to look natural. Although Brent’s love for this section soon came crashing down when he realized the beach also attracts old men with a tendency to do compromising yoga moves that leaves little to the imagination. One such day I was quite amused when an old naked man who was clearly in deep meditation whilst standing on his head naked with his legs wide apart was interrupted by a similarly old Indian man balancing a basket of fruit on his head. The Indian crouched down until he was level with the man’s genitals and called out as naturally as ever “You want coconuts?”
Another afternoon whilst walking on this beach we watched as a small commotion was taking place just outside the jungle that sits behind. Several men came bursting through the thick greenery with a very fat and long snake wrapped round their necks. It looked like a python although the men assured me it was “very poisonous”. The snake had clearly swallowed something it shouldn’t have and had a large rectangle shape protruding from its belly. The men advised me they were taking it to the doctor!
Early mornings are the best time to check out some of the alternative therapies that are taking place on this beach. Of course there is all kinds of yoga and meditation and even the odd runner but it’s not unusual to see people indulging in laughing therapy (where singles or groups of people just seem to laugh at nothing) or dancing and swaying to a silent song that only the dancer can hear. Hoola Hooping also seems popular whilst practiced in a deep meditation as does reliving and acting out traumatized childhoods. At breakfast the other morning the couple next to me brought their stuffed teddy along who was lucky enough to be given a seat and some breakfast!
Apart from yoga and meditation I haven’t tried any of these alternative therapies to date so I am unable to pass judgment or comment on their benefits. For the time being though I am perfectly happy seeking solace swimming in the ocean.

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  1. Sounds Amazing hun-though I could live without the old nudists haha.I love how you describe the classes,makes me want to be there dancing on the beach to a tune only I can hear-take it all in.Ive heard of the laughing classes before not just in India its supposed to increase health and keep away negative spirits.Take care hun love to both of you xxx