Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get out or I'll burn your hut down!

Whilst attempting to bargain with a shop owner over a pair of pants we are surprised to find the sales lady distracted and unusually careless about the price. We step outside to discuss the pants and find the hut next door up in flames. The tourists opposite the hut are evacuating their own beach huts and I can’t work out why the dozens of locals that have come to watch aren’t helping.

It clearly looks like an accidental house fire with women’s clothing hanging on the line and mats with fruit and vegetable laid out around the house. Disturbed by the scene I ask a local woman what’s going on. She advises that the owner of the hut wanted the elderly tenant to move out but the old woman refused. The owner decided to take a match to the place to scare her out and whether intended or not the hut cindered to the ground.  

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