Thursday, January 6, 2011

A love hate relationship with Indian food!

My blogs have been out of action for a few days and I have Delhi Belly to thank for that! Before we came to India, Indian food was on our menu every week and we made a pact not to eat western food for our entire time in India. Well, after we experienced the burn of Indian food coming back up (and out) the pact was over.
For me, Delhi Belly was rather embarrassing. It began on New Year’s Eve literally as we arrived at our new Indian friend’s parent’s house. In typical Indian fashion there were enormous amounts of food and chai laid out on the table and I knew something was wrong when the mere sight of it made my stomach turn. One bite of an Indian sweet cake and I projectile vomited exorcist style all the way into the New Year. Thankfully Indian hospitality extends to the sick and I had an entire family wrapping me in blankets, rubbing oils into my stomach and discussing my ‘loose motions’. 
New Years Day we had to take a seven hour train ride to the state of Punjab and thankfully (and rather embarrassingly) the commuters were just as accommodating and somewhat intrigued by my sickness. A kindly man next to us fed me medications, wrote down cures and of course discussed my ‘motions’ for the entire trip. He has now been added to my extensive list of Indian contacts!  
Brent’s Delhi Belly arrived a few days later and of course that warranted a trip to the doctor. Five different prescriptions and two injections later and we are feeling much better and can feel our much needed sense of humours returning.


  1. When all else fails a sense of humour can be the best friend u ever had hope you both keep up your spirits and keep down yr FOOD love M

  2. I lived with an Indian Couple Way Back When And they used to make this amazing potato and spinach in coriander and mild curry sauce scooped up with Naan bread or Roti if all else fails see if you can cook some up it might not be as harsh on you and maybe if you can find some mint and infuse in hot water will also calm tummy and good for headache or put some in a bottle of water and splash over your face for a refresher spritz.
    Thinking of You cant wait to hear more of your adventures xxx

  3. Thanks Kelly! Your idea sounds like heaven but did I mention we are not allowed eletrical appliances in the room? :)Not even a kettle or heater - we had to sneak the airfreshner in LOL I do have some mint oil though and am taking that with bottled water.

  4. ha, sounds like a cracker of a new years. You guys lined up a game of cricket yet?

  5. No cricket as yet. Although Brent has a tendency to seek it out on the locals telly and manages to sneak his way in for a look.