Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Namaste India!

We hadn't even touched down in Delhi and we have been invited to a New Years Eve Party, have additional accomodation incase our hotel isn't up to scratch, have a dinner planned with our new Indian friends' parents and have the contact details of a hospital owner in Punjab (where we will be living) who will help us to find accomodation in our town and assist with anything we need because we are now 'family'. This all came about by being stuck at the airport in Beijing and having a friendly chat with an Indian man who has been residing in Australia for seven years. To say Indians are hospitable is an understatement. I hadn't left the airport and I already had a full page of contacts.

And then we left the airport...

20 minutes in to our journey and we had already seen cows lounging by the road side, monkeys scavenging for food, a motorcycle accident, barefoot children barely five years old roaming the streets begging, men squating in their slums around fires trying to keep warm (it's about 6 degrees), people doing their 'business' before your very eyes and of course hundreds of cars beeping at nothing and everything.

We are captivated and perhaps a little overwhelmed. :)

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