Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let the Safari begin

We begin our tour from Nairobi and drive West to Lake Victoria where we learn to pitch our tents and spend the night before heading to Uganda. The first three days of our safari is little more than long drives on rough and bumpy terrain, but it gives the passengers a chance to get to know each other and become familiar with our tents and truck. Our guide 'Mwungi' devises a roster for everyone to help pitch in with the cooking, cleaning and truck maintainence. This is an all hands on deck safari with little time for luxury.

In all we are a group of 15. (we will be picking up 10 or so more midway through the tour). We come from Australia (there is another Aussie, a retired Gardner from NSW), a Swiss couple, an Austrian couple, a handful of English and Americans, which makes for a good mix of the cultures.

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