Tuesday, June 14, 2011

goodbye India Hello Nepal

Nepal is the kind of place you know you will come back to. It is the kind of place you fall in love with the minute you step off the plane into the tiny little airport. It is the kind of place you instantly feel at ease with as the rhythm of your walk falls into place with the buzz of the streets. Ok, so my relationship with Nepal is premature as we have only been here two days and haven’t yet left Kathmandu, but I can already tell.
My last exam finished in India on the 27th and by lunch time on the 28th we were getting lost in the maze like streets of Thamal in Kathmandu and sipping hot Nepalese chai. I have officially finished my university exchange program in India and because I am unable to continue my studies in Australia until next year (due to certain subjects offered in term 1 being a prerequisite for me enrolling in term two) Brent and I have decided to spend the next six months travelling. It wasn’t an easy decision and required me to sell my near new car, but I don’t think this opportunity will come by again anytime soon, so we have leapt at the chance. Nepal is our first stop and we have booked a trek to Everest base camp.

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